Video Recording/Upload

Video Recording/Upload is part of the Capture tools of Pops Classroom. Video Recording/Upload is where students submit their actual presentation videos. 

Classroom View:

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Student FAQs

How do I submit a pre-recorded video to my teacher?

  1. From the Work page, click the plus sign next to the assignment name and select "Video Recording."
  2. Choose the "Upload Video" option and press continue.
  3. Choose the file from your device and press continue.
  4. Choose the start and stop times for your video, then press continue.
    • Note: This step will be automatically skipped if you upload a .MOV file.
  5. Preview the video to verify your submission looks good.
    • Note: This step will be automatically skipped if you upload a .MOV file.
  6. Press the Upload Video button to begin the upload process.
  7. Your assignment will automatically submit to your teacher once the upload is completed.

How long will it take my video to upload?

Video uploads have many factors that determine the length of time it will take. Factors that you control are the number one issue a video upload may take a while: the file size of your video and your internet speed contribute to upload time. Try reducing your file size by:

  • Reducing the frames per second (FPS) of your video using video editing software.
  • Recording in standard definition vs. high definition.
Make sure your internet speed is as fast as possible. You can do this by:
  • Using wired connection vs. a wireless connection
  • If you are using WiFi, limit other devices on the network while uploading.
  • If you live in an area with 5G cellular connection, use this connection. Note: Cellular data rates may apply.
Most uploads will take less than five minutes to complete.

I submitted my video, but it says "video processing," what does this mean?

Once your video is submitted, it must process before being available to you and your teacher. This processing time should take no more than five minutes. If your submission shows processing for longer than five minutes, please submit a request and our team will look to see what may have occurred.

How do I submit a live recording to my teacher?

This feature is coming soon.

Instructor FAQs

What does the grade on Video Upload mean? Do I grade the actual presentation here?

The grade area on a video upload is the grade associated with the act of uploading the video itself. Often times this is a class requirement and no grade is required and any associated points could be considered a participation grade only. To grade the speech using your speech rubric, please see the Instructor Feedback area of Pops Classroom.