Instructor Evaluation

Instructor Evaluations are part of the Capture tools of Pops Classroom. Instructor Feedback is where a teacher grades and leaves feedback on a student's speech.

Classroom View:

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Student FAQs

I've presented my speech, how can I view my instructor's feedback and grade?

Before you can view your instructor's feedback and speech grade, your teacher must give you access to it. If you have presented but do not see your instructor's feedback/speech grade, check with your instructor to see if they have finalized your evaluation. Once your grade is available, you can view your instructor's comments, feedback, and grade by expanding a speech next to the speech name and then clicking on "Instructor Feedback."

How can I leave a comment for my teacher on their feedback?

To leave a comment, click on the "Comments" tab. Then press the comment button in the bottom left corner of the tab. Type your comment and press the orange send button to post the comment.

Instructor FAQs

How do I create a custom evaluation form?

Our support team would be glad to create your evaluation forms for you to save you time! Just submit a request and a team member will reach out to you! If you'd like to create a form on your own, follow these instructions:

  1. While on the Work page in a course, click on the plus icon and click "Speech Assignment" (or if you'd like to apply this new evaluation form to an existing speech, click "edit" next to the speech name, and continue with the directions below)
  2. Scroll down in this window until you see Instructor Feedback in the Capture section.
  3. Click "Create a New Evaluation."
  4. In the new window, name your evaluation.
  5. Start adding sections and the different criteria for each section, assign the point values for that criterion. Next add your Quick Comments, which will be prefilled for easy selection during a student's speech.
  6. Continue to add criteria as you please.
  7. Click "Create" to create this new evaluation. This evaluation will now be added to the drop down when you are creating a speech (see "How do I create a speech assignments?").

How do I keep track of the time limit during a speech?

You can keep track of the speech time on the "Speech Details" tab.

My class is online, how can I see the video my student submitted while I grade?

If your student has submitted a presentation video, the video will appear in a new tab on the right side called "Video Preview." You can view the video while grading on the left side.

How can I leave specific comments about speech criteria?

As you grade, you can click the "+Comments" button on any criteria. If you have pre-filled comments on your evaluation, they will be available for selection. You can also type a custom comment in the box on the evaluation criteria.

How can I leave a general comment about a speech?

On the "Comments" tab, you can click the new comment button in the tab and type a general comment. Press the orange button to post the comment to the assignment. These comments will not be available to the student until you mark the evaluation form graded.

How can I save an evaluation as a draft?

You can click the "Save" button on the Speech Details tab. This will save the evaluation as a draft. You will be able to continue grading when you have time. Students cannot see draft evaluations. In order for a student to see your evaluation, you will need to select the "Mark Graded" button.

How can I send the evaluation to the student I evaluated?

When you aready for a student to see your evaluation of their speech, click the "Mark Graded" button under Speech Details. Once you mark an assignment as graded, you can update the scores, however, your student will be able to see the score.

What would happen if I lost internet connection while evaluating a student in real-time?

We recommend you stay connected to the internet at all times while working in Pops Classroom. However, we realize that service interuptions can happen unexpectedly. If you lose internet connection while grading a speech, you may continue grading that student. The scores will be saved locally to your device. You will need to reconnect your network connection as soon as possible then manually click the save button on the evaluation.

How does the evaluation form impact students in-class participation?

When in class, the "Participate" page for your students will become active. As you open a student's evaluation they will receive Presenter controls and their peers will receive Quick Responses (if these options have been enabled during speech creation).