Frequently asked questions

What comes in the Silver Package?

The silver package comes with 3-5 deletions for collections such as network or phone service providers, and inquires will be removed from report. However, if you do not fit the criteria, we can work somehing out to make sure you get the services you like. You may have to pay more if you have reposessions, government debt, and student loans.

What comes in the Gold Package?

The Gold Package consists of everything in the Silver Package, a primary, and tradeline to enhance your credit. This will allow you to have a better chance to get a higher credit limit for credit cards, auto loans, and more.

What's in the Platinum Package?

The Platinum Package has everything mentioned in the previous packages except now we have included for you to also receive funding. Since credit repair can be a tedious process, funding won't occur until your credit report meets certain data points. We will charge only 9% of all the funding you receive and give you a free guide on how to make even more money back than we charged you for our services. You will have the ability to choose our funding option or you can do it yourself with the resoucres we give you.

Which package is for me?

Since everyone's credit report may be different, this can be hard to tell. This also depends on what do you want to do once you receive the credit score you desire. If your ultimate goal is to receive large amounts of credit cards or an auto loan, then you should consider the platinum package. If you just want have good credit, you should choose the Silver Package. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

What shouldn't I do when getting my credit repaired?

You should not apply for new lines of credit, or put anything on your credit. This will only slow the process for you and take longer than expected. Please apply for new credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, etc when we have finished removing the essential items from your report.